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15 Yrs Experience Providing Website Auditing Services In Australia

We think we provide one of the best, if not the best website SEO audit services in Australia! Our SEO audit service is the ultimate find for those who have been trying (but failing) to produce a comprehensive website audit including prioritised action plan tasks with clear instructions that you can assign accountability-driven SEO audit tasks to your team(s) that move the dial.

This isn’t a press button on page SEO audits, our website SEO audit services have been modified and updated over a 15+year career with daily hands-on experience, continuously tweaked inline with the latest algorithm updates, SEO ranking factors, and based on feedback from the array of different teams we’ve worked with to improve their technical SEO.

SEO Audit Services

Is Our SEO Audit Different to Other Website SEO Audit Services?

Our experienced team becomes an extension of yours delivering comprehensive website SEO audit services covering everything you need to get your organic traffic moving in the right direction. Our website SEO audit services are designed for you to assign documented tasks to your team broken down to developer tasks, content tasks, and Google Search Console management. We guarantee you superior project accountability, including priorities based on easiest implementation vs SEO-win value that have been selected based on our vast experience.

Jump to the front of the queue using our SEO audits, giving you 15 years of daily Google SEO auditing experience covering all possible website scenarios you can imagine.

Website SEO Audit Services in Australia

Uncover All of Your Website’s SEO Issues Today

Get in contact today and speak to one of our knowledgeable staff members about our SEO audit process. We will be more than happy to run you through the whole process from start to finish and answer any questions you may have.

Website SEO Audit Services: Full SEO Audit Report & Action Plan


Site Technology/Website Architecture Summary Sheet & Action Plan

URL Structure
  • WWW vs Non-WWW
  • HTTP vs HTTPs
  • Homepage Variation
  • Trailing Slash
  • SEO Friendly URL
  • Canonicalization
  • Pagination
  • Valid Characters in URL
  • Breadcrumb
  • Linking to Redirected Pages
  • Linking to Broken Pages
  • Soft 404 Pages
  • Server Error 500
  • Custom 404 Pages
  • Links Don’t Work With JS off
  • XML Sitemap
  • HTML Sitemap
  • Index Bloat
  • Robots.txt
  • Site Server Location
  • Desktop Page Speed
  • Mobile Page Speed
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Browser Compatibility


Site Relevancy Summary Sheet & Action Plan

  • Homepage
  • About and Contact us Page
  • Website Reputation (Online Reviews)
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Local Search
  • Missing Page Titles
  • Duplicate Page Titles
  • Long Page Titles
  • Short Page Titles
  • Missing Meta Descriptions
  • Duplicate Meta Descriptions
  • Long Meta Descriptions
  • Short Meta Descriptions
  • Pages with meta keywords
  • Missing H1 Tags
  • Multiple H1 Tags
  • H1 Tags same as Page Titles
  • Long H1 Tags
  • Thin Content
  • Unnecessary Pages
  • Internal Duplicate Content
  • External Duplicate Content
  • Blog/News/Article Section
  • Homepage Layout Issue
  • Favicon
  • Image Alt Text
  • Image Filename
  • Image Size


Google Search Console
Summary Sheet & Action Plan

  • Mobile Usability
  • Core Web Vitals
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Logos
  • Sitelink Searchbox
  • Messages
  • Manual Action
  • Removals
  • International Targeting
  • Linking to Popular Pages
  • Security Issues
  • Indexed by Google
  • Coverage Issues
  • Company Name Search
  • Fetching & Rendering

Using the action plan from our website SEO audit services will help turn things around quickly and methodically. There is never a hopeless case and getting your organic traffic back on track is always doable. Our expoert team offers a full technical website SEO audit to discover the issues plaguing your website and offer recommendations to take care of every detail necessary.

Website Search Engine Optimisation Audit

We Leave No Stone Unturned when Identifying Onpage Issues

Request a quote for a search engine optimisation audit today. Once the proposal is ready one of our knowledgeable staff will run through the details with you and will also answer any questions.

Technical SEO Audit Services FAQs


The fee for our SEO audits depends on the size and complexity of your website and we request that you contact us and we can run through an initial live review and consultation for your website. To be able to effectively deliver the best insights/plan for your unique situation, we need to have access to Google Analytics, Google Search Console (domain property & URL prefix), which will help us guide the auditing process. Google Analytics data can quickly and effectively highlight legacy penalties that are algorithmic and Google Search Console can immediately highlight a manual action, which would need to be handled accordingly - our expert team has vast experience in all factors/potential ranking blockers and will quickly and effectively guide your business to a positive path.


The purpose of website SEO audit services is to help you determine how well your current SEO structure and strategy are serving you and your business. By utilizing the information gained by an off-site investigation, such as a link audit and content testing, you can determine where the major off-page factors affecting your rankings are currently falling short of your expectations. Once you understand what's lacking, you can make appropriate adjustments to strengthen your ranking.


Our years of experience gives our team the unique ability to provide you with a meaningful and fully comprehensive technical issues action plan, which is delivered using an SEO audit report process that has been tweaked with each Google algorithm update and arms you with a go-to list of tasks to assign according to the SEO-win potential, timeframe to implement and all other considerations fully covered.


Our complete SEO audit is a comprehensive technical review of your current search engine optimization structure. It includes on-page and off-page optimization as well as a look at the internal structure of your website. This audit targets how your web pages benefit search engines and how you can optimize them. Our SEO Audit focuses on search engine results while technical audits focus on user experience. By focusing on each area, you can ensure that your optimisation strategy is the most effective and that you reach your business objectives. SEO audit services can help you achieve your online business goals and can save you time and money.


Our website SEO audit services are broken down into 3 summary sheets with tasks based on each section covering on page SEO tasks and beyond. As you can see on this page, we have 3 summary sheets, which are: Site Technology (web development tasks), Site Relevancy (on-page content relevancy mainly), Google Search Console (the various potential SEO issues highlighted in your Google Search Console account).


An SEO audit is a comprehensive review of a website's internal workings designed to help improve search engine performance. The review will identify and resolve any issues that could be hurting a website's search engine placement and ranking. By identifying and fixing SEO issues, an SEO audit can help your website achieve higher search engine rankings and improve the bottom line of your business.

The Best SEO Technical Audit Services

Engage With Our Technical Team & Overcome Your Website’s SEO Performance Issues

Request one of our highly regarded technical audits today for your website and uncover hidden issues which have been holding back your website’s SEO performance. We guarantee you will be highly satisfied with our technical teams level of SEO knowledge and the processes we follow.

Website SEO Audit Services Video Transcript

Get The Best Website SEO Audit Services In Australia

Hi, everybody. I appreciate the fact that you found our website today, hopefully through searching on Google, looking for the best SEO audit services in Australia, and hopefully found our page via Google when searching for services like this. My name’s Joe. I’m the digital search group founder and CEO. And I’m here today to basically give you some insights into why we basically feel like we are delivering the best SEO audit service in Australia and why you should give it a try.

Factors Considered While Conducting Website SEO Audits

Ideally, we want to commit with people for other services at the same time, but as a way to basically, you know, break the mould between yourself the other time wasting experiences you may have had that haven’t been as successful as you are hoping and and us being a high level supplier of the best services that you’ll find. Yeah, and this is just to give you a quick indication as to why he found us. Basically, we have got here our SEO audit template.

Our Website SEO Audit Services Explained Using Our Own Website As A Case Study

This is actually based on our own website, believe it or not, just to add some flavour to it. So what we’ve got here is the Digital Search Group Australia website and we’re SEO auditing our own website because it’s the first time we’ve actually focused on our own stuff for ages. With that, I thought it would be a good time to share. Now, the way that we break down our SEO audit is really good if you have a team of people working alongside you, OR for you or you do it yourself. We break it down into site technology tasks, which is Web development tasks, Site Relevancy, which is your content and Google Search Console. And now our website audits service works like this. Basically, we give you a summary sheet that allows you to track and assign tasks that, you know, we find to be high priority.

Technical SEO Audit Services Covering All Bases

We try our best to focus our website audit on saving you time, giving you the highest priority SEO practices to focus efforts on so the highest priority/easiest tasks for increasing your organic traffic are higher up the pecking order. So if it’s low labour, high payout, you’ll find that we are going to add those first. But as you can see from the way we structure, it’s broken down first with all of these different tasks, for example. And again, this is not embarrassing because it’s our own site trailing slash. A trailing slash is the forward slash at the end of the URL. So. Trailing slash, you’d have a dash at the end, the trailing slash is generally used to mark a directory and if a euro is not terminated using a trailing slash, this generally points to a foul. Yeah, the next level down finding specific findings. Non-trading slash version also returns 200 error status that already contains a canonical tag referencing the canonical trailing slash version. Yeah, so it’s actually pointing to the trailing slash version and there’s a little screenshot below and that’s the recommendation.

SEO Audits That Are Easy To Use Unlike Some Website Audits

Very simple, easy. You can ultimately have a number of assignees in a drop down and to be able to track and assign these different tasks. We’re going to go through these in a lot more detail later. So just for now, quick overview here, external internal linking. And again, you’ve got different tasks that relate to really poignant issues, JavaScript issues, custom for a four error page, software for pages, broken links.

Bots Must Be Able To Read Your Content Fully

Yeah. Then we move on to crucial ability, the bloodline of the web. If I, Google and other bots can’t find your content, quite simply, you are in. Yeah. No chance of of getting any results in Google. OK, we’ll talk more about these elements as we go along. Yeah, there’ll be more later. Performance. Hugely important. We’ve got the core web vitals update coming in a couple of months in May. You know, I believe more than ever the, you know, the ability for Google Part and obviously other upcoming search engine bots to be able to fully render and crawl your pages.

Site Speed Optimisation + Keyword Research & Great Content = Success

Your content ultimately is literally the bloodline of the web. Yeah. Correlates to everything. Mobile speed, mobile friendliness, desktop speed, tests of friendliness, not so high priority, but still nonetheless a priority. Mobile first indexing coming soon. So site server location. Yeah, it’s important. But you know, most importantly, Spatt, multi regional multilingual mark ups schema, open graph, Twitter card, cozza actions, product schema, etc etc. We cover it all.

An Agency Providing Expertise For Multilingual & Multi Regional Set-Ups

If you’re a multi regional multilingual site aircraft like mark ups, you know, that sort of overarching setup can be challenging at times. But honestly, we’ve done it dozens of times. Give me a call. More than happy to have a look through a live shared screen with you and run through your own website life with never seeing it before. We can have a genuine talk about how we would help. That is the end of the site’s technology summary sheet.

Our Expertise In Content Strategy Will Help

Yeah. And a solid content marketing strategy to complement your technical SEO service, your technical question order. It’s another thing that we do very, very well here is content marketing strategy, but relevancy in general for existing content. It’s the biggest one that you can possibly have. Now, I know that my content is really not that great on our Australian site, but let’s have a look at the first one. So let me just go back to excuse me, sorry, relevancy quick.

SEO Audits Covering Site Relevancy

And so this is the relevancy category. We’re going to go to the home page. So page relevancy determines whether a page is. Relevant enough for the target, key words intended, correct placing have had image attributes, unique and well-written content and that description. Yeah. So in this particular case, we’ve got 15 images without text. And you can see here we’ve got. A breakdown of page title. We’ve got your description. We’ve got your headlines broken down here.

SEO Audits Image Alt Tags

And we’ve suggested basically providing a more descriptive alternative text on important images such as logo and so on. Let’s go back to here. Depending on our client’s requirements, you know, we’re really able to help put together an all encompassing content marketing strategy, which will help you to.

SEO Audits Image Alt Tags

Social media profiles, hold on a sec. But it’s actually not right now I’m going to move that to no issues that will actually update the summary shape, by the way. So the main summary sheet, these pie charts, these are actually illustrated as they are because they’re directly linked to here. Yeah. So there we go.

SEO Audit Services Covering Duplicate Content

This description’s problems and solutions to every single one of these. Yeah. Content, unnecessary pages can be absolutely hazardous. Yeah, pagination, all of those internal duplicate content problems that we can come across thin content. So we have thin content on our site, I’m sure of it. Testimonials. Yeah. So page this other stuff. Excuse me, Thin or no content can cause issues. They tend to hold little or no value for users and search engines.

Website SEO Audit Services Covering Content Relevancy

It’s important to keep in mind that search engine traffic is your main goal. Your results will likely suffer since the panda filter and basically Google taking no on affiliate marketers who are basically gaming the system with thin, little to no content exactly match the mind set ups. You know, it makes sense that they would come down on that. You want to be doing meaningful strategy with, you know, exhausting every last opportunity for driving relevant and meaningful traffic before you move on to, you know, rehashing the stuff that you’ve done and that and thinking creatively about your next victim content wise.

Website SEO Audit Services Checking Fetching & Rendering

Yeah, so indexing. And you can see if I. Scrolling here, we’ll zoom in, fetching and rendering. This is ultimately telling us that, you know, Google has problems rendering and fully reading a page. If there are ultimately resources stopping the bot from fully crawling everything that we need them to. And you can see hopefully here that we’ve actually got on our own website structured data with syntax errors. Yeah. Which is an impossible structured data.

Website SEO Audit Services Checking Fetching & Rendering

And what we can see on the right here is that we’ve got referred to the Schema Mark-Up section. So we’ve given you, if you were to be using our service, a well-rounded and easy to approach solutions to these problems. Yeah. And it’s all broken down into the various meaningful sections. And that’s really just a quick overview of our website SEO audit services. Like I say, I feel we’re offering something that’s very, very different here. We do like to feel that we’re an extension of our client’s business.

Website SEO Audit Pricing Depends On Your Situation

You know, it’s not all for us. It’s all for both of us. So if you’re really serious about your online presence and you want to take it to the next level, give us a call. Have a have a, you know, meeting with me. I don’t mind at all. We will literally go through your website and no holds barred, no worries free. And if you don’t think we’re a good fit for you, at least you’ve hopefully got some useful information.